The first single on the upcoming EP, Past Lives and Multiple Personalities.

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Wildfire Lyric Video


April Henry Live Performance

April Henry is an American artist that creates music to echo the Inner Cinematic Experience of being fully alive. A Cinematic Pop Alchemist, April dives into her own personal transformation and experiences through her upcoming EP Past Lives and Multiple PersonalitiesWildfire is the first single release of these epic experiences embracing the human duality of power vs surrender, love vs. lust, and curiosity vs. knowing.

As a survivor, April became intent on transcending herself through exploring other 'personalities' as an actor and incorporating aspects of them into who she was as a vocalist, songwriter, and human. Now, in the spirit of adventure, April embraces her metaphysical transformation creatively through music, exploring the archetypes that are within us all. Currently, Alchemy and symbolism are what April uses to visually connect and express this 'Cinema of the mind' through this fun and deeply personal odyssey.